Sunday, January 07, 2007

NFL web Snap Day 6 Jan. 6, 2007

I got caught in the web of the NFL yesterday.
After running and running for the past month, I had no where to be Saturday except on my couch. YAY!
I took full advantage of laying around like a bag of rocks.
By Saturday night, I'd set aside my
Rogue Dead Guy ale (thanks Squeegee Monkey) and settled on water in my big ol Halloween tumbler.
With John Madden in the background and everything within easy reach on the nearby table, I reclined like a hibernating bear.

I must admit I fell asleep before the fabulous Seahawks/Cowboys finale, but saw most of the first half. Hurray Seahawks. (Yes, I'm a Cowboy hater.) I did get to see Peyton and his newfound defense stop the listless Chiefs (except for Ty Law.)

I'm ready for another day of football. Hut, Hut.

In the foreground of the photo you'll note a set of clickers. Keep your friends close and your tv remotes closer (that's my adage). Especially when you live with a chronic surfer who'll filter through every channel and then leave the grid up dominating 85 percent of the screen without ever selecting a new program.
I took some pics of my dogs and my pantry (
see earlier post), but they didn't seem to capture the day.
So here it is - my
Project 365 pic (Day 6) for Saturday.
I'm thinking of joining the
Photo Hunters with Kerry Woo. Might be another adventure for me.


At 8:59 AM, Blogger newscoma said...

You better make nice, nice with Kerry 'cause of your Cowboy "Woot" over at Chez Coma.


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